Sentinel Box

A complete packaged solution to all your blockchain requirements deployed on your access controlled data centers with smart contract development capabilities.

Feature 01


Sentinel Box is deployed on your data centres and access controlled units are handed over to you thereby making it as private or permissioned as you want it to be. Delegate access as per need.

Feature 02


The entire blockchain sandboxed environment remains under your own purview. Hence, making your data as secure as they come. Allow private connections only to restrict public access.

Feature 03


We cover all maintaince for life-time. Any minor updates or customisations are taken care by a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers available at all business hours.

Feature 04


Any custom user interfaces or add-ons can be done easily along with oracle services. Sentinel Box supports interactions with any real world entity and bridges the gap with blockchain.

Feature 05

UPI Support

Sentinel Box comes with an in-built add-on of UPI support if you need to include fiat currency based transactional payments. Very use-ful for applications in micro-payments domain.

Feature 06


Any future upgrades can be easily installed and settings updated without any loss of data or time. The updates will be cloud enabled to be executed manually according to the managed workspace.

Unlimited for all

No restrictions on data or usage. Take home the entire package of Sentinel Box and deploy on your own private data centres with complete customisation and support.

What you will get
  • Deployed on your own private data-centre
  • Free Maintainence from dedicated team
  • Custom design and smart contracts
  • Container based scalable deployment
  • Easy and Hassle free Upgrades

Still not convinced on buying?